Military and police sleeping bags, equipment and winter clothing made by Austrian company CARINTHIA is among the bests in the world.

Sleeping bags

CARINTHIA sleeping bags regularly receive awards from reputable specialist magazines. What makes sleeping bags particularly valuable is the favorable ratio of warmth and weight. G-LOFT® insulating fibers are the most favorable for insulation capability and weight ratio. Sleeping bags ranges from light summer sleeping bags to expedition sleeping bags, which keep the user warm even in the harshest weather conditions.

Tactical and survival special clothing

It was created in cooperation with special units.

The development of a tactical and survival product is based on a long-term cooperation with various special units. The received needs are processed by their own K + F department and incorporated into the products in a concentrated form.

Personal tents

All personal tents are made using high-quality three-layer GORE TEX® laminate. The GORE TEX® ARID LITE AIR is not only completely waterproof, windproof and moisture-permeable, but also highly breathable and above all gas permeable. This means that personal tents can be completely closed without leaving the vent open. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide through the material provides complete protection against weather conditions.

Rain protection

High-tech materials meet the highest standards.

Rain protection in the top category, using wind and water repellent and breathable materials. The sweat of the body leaves through the special breathable membrane, and this ensures a pleasant body climate. The breathable GORE-TEX® membrane keeps moisture away from the body.

Cold-resistant clothing

Cold-resistant clothing and equipment not only provide protection and safety, but can also be extremely important for survival in dangerous situations. Therefore, nature lovers, soldiers, police, hunters, and other specialists can count on CARINTHIA products.

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